We often spend a lot of time on maintaining our home; from modifying the bedroom theme, to buying new crockery, from changing wall colors to fixing electrical glitches, we often forget to pay attention to our plumbing system. We know the problem is knocking at our door as soon as we come across a pipe leakage, clog in the drain, sink or toilet caulking coming off, cracked tiles, corroded sinks and the list goes on.

Plumbing Maintenance is not a challenging task. We don’t need a degree in plumbing, with the help of little assistance and correct knowledge we can tackle minor plumbing emergencies. Taking a tour of the house once in three – six months, analyzing our plumbing system can prevent the need for substantial repairs. It simply saves time and money.

Plumbing system broadly involves areas like water supply, gas fitting, sanitary, roofing, drainage, mechanical services, fire protection and irrigation. Keeping in mind these key areas following are seven easy plumbing maintenance tips:

1. Watch out for water leakage

Leaking faucets or showers, damp cabinets, dripping refrigerators or leaky pipes are all signs of water leakage. We have to pay attention to both indoor and outdoor leaks.

Indoor Leaks: Indoor leaks include toilet leakages (water on your bathroom floor near the toilet, water leaking from inside the toilet tank, leaking shut off valve, leaking supply line, leaking from underneath the toilet), tub/shower drain leakages and dripping faucets.

Outdoor Leaks: Outdoor leaks include leakage in the swimming pool or fault in the water sprinkling system.

2. Do not overlook clogged drains:

Drains get usually clogged when something gets stuck in the drain and prevent the drain from functioning properly. Clogs shorten the lifespan of the waste pipes by adding extra pressure and stress to them. Some of the causes of clogged drains can arise out of main sewer line, washing machines and garbage disposal. Drains should be treated to maximize the flow and garbage disposals should be cleaned regularly to prevent any blockages.

3. Look for signs of corrosion:

Corrosion is a major problem in home plumbing systems. Under corrosion, problems like red water or reddish brown staining of fixtures and laundry, bluish stains on fixtures, black water, foul taste or odor and loss of water pressure, are common. Eventually, corrosion can cause the piping to fail. Hence, it should be addressed at the latest.

4. Low Water Pressure:

Nothing is annoying than battling with a slow water flow. Some of the common causes of this problem are debris in the water, build-up of sediments on faucet aerators, pressure regulators, water valves and water leaks.

First, it is important to identify and diagnose the problem of low water pressure and then try to resolve it. Sometimes the solutions are simple like replacing pressure regulators, turning your house main shut off valves, repairing water leaks, cleaning the faucet heads and shower heads, but in case of major problems you may have to take professional plumbing assistance.

5. Spot indications of Hard Water:

A white build up on shower heads and faucets is an indication of hard water. Hard water can shorten the plumbing’s life span and can lead to corrosion in joints and fittings. Installation of a water softener can help you deal with this problem.

6. Be familiar with the main water shut off valve:

One should know the basics of the main water shut off valve to prevent significant damage during emergencies. This valve can be found in the basements, inside the crawl space, near the water heater, under the kitchen sink, possibly anywhere depending on the construction. In emergency situations, this valve shuts off the water supply for the entire house. Hence, one should be familiar with how to open and close the valve.

7. Check washer hoses for cracks or leaks:

The hoses are normally made of rubber and they eventually get dry and crack. One should check for cracks or leaks and should immediately get them fixed as a problem unattended could flood your basement or laundry room with water. Rubber hoses can be replaced with stainless steel and braided hoses.

We at highway Hardware & Plumbing Ltd., provide comprehensive assistance in maintaining and addressing people’s plumbing problems in Jamaica. With the plumbing maintenance tips mentioned above, we hope you would pay greater attention to your plumbing system. We understand the significance of a quality and efficient service and promise to deliver the same in case of any commercial, industrial or residential plumbing problems.